Wills and probate

There are many reasons to make a Will, not least of which is to give you the reassurance that you have made sensible provisions for your loved ones.

To help you express those wishes we will listen to what you are looking for in the Will and we will then carefully ensure that your wishes are reflected in the Will.

In addition to this, we will ensure that your Will be as tax efficient as possible to ensure that the maximum benefit is retained by our loved ones.

With our help and expertise we can ensure that you get your Will right and avoid disputes later and providing peace of mind for you.

Our services also include lasting Power of Attorney, Living Wills, thorough Inheritance Tax Advise from our specialist advisors. Our Probate service helps you through your difficult time once a loved one has passed, by supporting you and dealing with all paper work in relation to the Estate.

Unfortunately, disputes do arise between families of the deceased, if this does happen, our contentious probate service will offer you the type of advice to resolve the matter in a beneficial and cost effective way.

Probate Loans

When dealing with probate, in certain circumstances, it is possible to drawn down funds in relation to the Estate to cover expenses which need to be met.

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